Friday, 4 February 2011

VIDEO REVIEWS: Deprevate - Our War

Continuing our pledge to push unsigned bands of all genres, we recently took some time to watch this video from Croydon metallers "Deprevate". The track is “Our War” and it’s bloody fantastic.

The first thing that sprung to mind was how professional the video looks. The band obviously put a lot of time into this (as shown by their "Making of" video which can be seen at their facebook - link below). It's refreshing to see this kind of effort put in and it really impresses. Other unsigned acts take note! A good video is worth its weight in gold. The fact a video itself weighs noting is not important, its the saying that counts. Anyway, back to the review...

We love the pure rawness of the song, the thrashy yet not over the top guitar riffs, the pounding drums and the, strangely for metal nowadays it seems, audible vocals! No guttural roars here, just clear and crisp vocal lines. This doesn’t detract from the overall power of the song, it definitely enhances it. Throw in a decent solo and you've got yourself a killer song.

Having been lucky enough to catch Deprevate at a live show a few months ago, we can also say they are fantastic live, putting on a great show and the crowd loves it.

We highly recommend keeping an eye on these guys, if they want it, they sure as hell can get it!

Visit Deprevate On Facebook

Watch "Our War" here:

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