Wednesday, 2 February 2011

SINGLE REVIEWS: The Fuegos - Against The World

The Fuegos are an indie-tastic band of boys from Carshalton.

Against The World is their first studio recording, and a great indication of the kind of sound to expect from them. It’s kind of Hard-Fi meets Bloc Party with an electronic balls-out sound to it that just screams party anthem for those who prefer their music with a bit of an edge.

Beginning with synths and a rock-drawling vocal the song quickly moves into a strong rhythmic pulse, all relaxed-but-sexy melodies and Arctic Monkeys riffs. A breakdown towards the middle allows for that arms in the air Indie Club thing and builds up a tension for the slightly faster-paced second act during which we get a really gritty riff which strengthens up the song as a whole and makes the whole song more of an exciting ride.

Ending suddenly, to a storm of drums and guitar, Against The World is an accomplished and exciting track that promises to be fantastic both live, and accompanying an album which is sure to carry a party-for-the-cool-kids vibe throughout.

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