Saturday, 5 February 2011

EP REVIEW: Bad Sign - Exit

A well-established Croydon band in their own right, Bad Sign are a band on the way up with a strong fan base, an intimidating tour schedule and, now, an EP which is set to take your metalley little eardrums by storm.

First track ‘Unknown’ has a grungey recorded-in-a-cellar sound (in a good way). A moody, undulating start, with carefully picked out melodies and a clear, raw vocal swings suddenly into a straight up rock chorus that moves you suddenly from mild depression to a sort of rock-based elation. After a discordant breakdown, Bad Sign suddenly go all punk on yo’ ass, ending ‘Unknown’ with a section of dirty riffage that you feel the need to throw your hair and/or arms around to, ending suddenly and schizophrenically with some muted scratching sounds (perhaps attempting to leave the cellar).

‘Existence’ feels like a more straightforward rock song. Muscular riffs and steady but uplifting vocals, this is a far less complex song than it’s predecessor, but definitely not worse off for it.

Third track ‘Eclipse’ has a spaced out trippy feel to it, which lurches between melodic and relaxed to soaring and hard-edged. Vocalist Joe, despite being obviously more comfortable with a growling tone, experiments very prettily with a high note that shows off his vocal abilities and sparks a kind of musical adrenalin rush that really makes this track stand out.

‘Inertia’ is, frankly, stunning as a quiet melody compliments a hushed, almost underlying vocal. This contrasts with a huge chorus that sounds like it’s from a different song, but somehow works being all mixed up with effects-laden riffs and squeals and all held together with a steady drum beat that lends a feeling of completeness to a song which otherwise might not have had the same impact. This is musical heroin, full of extreme highs, crashing lows and the desperate need for more.

Finally, ‘Exit’ completes the EP with another more conservative song built to rock you, and everyone you love. This has a traditional rock feel to it, somewhat reminiscent of, and excuse my language, Nickleback. But old school Nickleback before Chad Kroeger disappeared completely up his own bottom, with those raw riffs, heavy but accessible beats and aggressive vocals.

Bad Sign are a band that may be popular as of now, but haven’t garnered nearly the attention they deserve.

This EP should ensure they get it.

Don’t believe me? Well firstly you can go to hell, then check it out yourself.

Eclipse by badsignband

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