Wednesday, 2 February 2011

ALBUM REVIEWS: Dave McPherson – The Hardship Diaries

Dave McPherson’s long-awaited debut album The Hardship Diaries is due for release in March 2011 (“debut?” you say. Yes, those were EP’s and hush, Mummy’s talking now) and to start it off with a bang he has launched a PledgeMusic campaign to help fans get involved in a more special way than just buying the album on its release.

PledgeMusic is a website that allows artists to release their music aside from the traditional record label route. It’s funded by the fans, and allows them to not only be a part of the release, but to get VIP privileges ahead of the album, help out a nominated charity, and feel all warm and fuzzy in their rock ‘n’ roll hearts.

In Dave’s case, he has pledged a percentage of any money made to Save The Children (, as well as lots of yummy gifts and incentives for pledgers along the way, including VIP access to gigs, lots of signed Dave-centred paraphernalia, the chance to have a song written about you, iPods, hats and T-shirts (oh my!) and just about anything else you can think of.

It comes at a price, of course, but you will get the album before it is released (in your FACE non-pledgers) and a regular series of updates which include song lyrics, photos, videos and music downloads of new tracks, plus some of the oldies for those of you feeling nostalgic.

The £8 lowest pledge (just the album and updates) still gets you a further 18 tracks so far (that’s before the album), which include some of Dave’s extensive back catalogue, music from the similarly acoustic (and fab) Hadleigh Ford, Marc Halls and Gazz Marlow, and intensely heavy electro side-project Centiment amongst others. There’s still a way to go before pledging ends so current pledgers can look forward to yet more goodies to come over the next few weeks.

Album-wise, new tracks "Winter: Hibernation" and "Spring: Hearts Need Blood" are a strong indication that The Hardship Diaries will be a bit of a treat, bringing in the stripped down power of old favourites Glass White Flag and I Don’t Do Requests, and mixing them with a ballad-y lovefest feel to keep you a little bit moist around the eyes because of that cold you’ve totally had coming on for ages. And it’s sort of windy. And something definitely just flew into your eye.

There are still a number of days left to pledge so, if you can spare a tenner and like what the man does, it’s more than worth it.

Below we give you "Hearts Need Blood" off The Hardship Diaries for your listening pleasure. 

Spring - Hearts need blood by Dave McPherson

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