Friday, 10 June 2011


South London’s Tidor are winning over fans left right and centre with their powerful and atmospheric live shows. It has made them a Wildfire favourite in a short time, and the buzz that is beginning to make Tidor a name in their hometown will doubtless continue to spread the more they play.

But this is no good if a band can’t deliver when it comes to recording. Wildfire picked up a copy of new EP ‘Tidor’ (I kind of love that their EP, album and frontman are all called Tidor, it’s like Being John Malkovich but… not), to see if the band are as good on your mp3 player as they are on stage.

First track ‘Mind’ is a dirty rock track, all grinding guitars and raw, open vocals. It’s kind of 90’s grunge meets the harder side of rock with enough rhythm to keep it fresh and exciting. Once the chorus breaks, ‘Mind’ is a non stop rush that builds and builds, lets up for a moment then smashes into the final riffs with no care for the personal safety of the listener.

‘No Way Out’, next up, is a moody slice of old-school rock, slightly reminiscent of every post-grunge band the early 2000’s had to offer with that distinctive Tidor sound to it that makes it original. From the start a drawling gothic build up turns into a pretty picked out melody, which then breaks into full on rocking out for the final moments.

When Tidor rock, they ROCK, leaving you unsure when the quiet, almost poppy intro to ‘Lite Boks’ rolls around. Thankfully, when Tidor do introspective they do it better. The vocals here really take a lead as vocalist Tidor’s unusual voice has a haunting quality that does atmospheric better than anything else. ‘Lite Boks’ is stripped back and melodic (and stupidly pretty) but the band can’t resist reminding the listener that they’re still hardcore with a quiet-into-heavy bit at the end that is so unexpected and intense that it makes the song by far the most memorable of the EP.

Tidor are a band that demands attention, both musically recorded and physically in their stage shows. We suggest you make them one of your favourites before everyone else does, you crowd-follower you.

Check out, follow and love Tidor here:

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Dave McPherson - The Hardship Diaries

Dave McPherson has enjoyed chart success and frightening levels of fan-worship as frontman of British metal outfit InMe. He has also, to all intents and purposes, suffered a great degree of hardship along the way - and this is catalogued in his first full album as a solo artist.
Before a large number of you slam your laptops closed in disgust, The Hardship Diaries is not an exercise in 'poor little rockstar', bitching about all that damned adoration and hanging out with all those dratted celebrity types. It is, instead, a very human examination of love, loss and life, reminding us that behind every musician lies a very real person with family, bills to pay and probably holes in his shoes.

The Hardship Diaries is set out over four seasons, seemingly examining one love story over a year. 'Spring: Hearts Need Blood', is a vocals-led melody piece with rising strings, 'Hearts Need Blood' examines the highs and lows of love with Dave's rising, clear vocals putting a serious emphasis on the emotion behind the song. 'Is this all we are?' is a similarly melodic track with much less cuddly subject matter, (but you could probably tell that from the title, couldn't you, you clever muffin) with the repeated mournful refrain 'is this all we are?' bullet-pointing the clever series of chords and quiet harmonies.

'Summer: She puts me in a good mood' is a joyful little slice of sunshine, perfect for summer afternoons and feeling good about life in general. It's interesting to note that the song stands out as a highlight despite McPherson's gravelly voice being almost MADE for more introspective songs. The acoustic guitar base of 'Summer... ' is accented by a beautiful repeated flute melody and layered instrumental pieces thickening out the track as a whole.

'Before I even had you' is another highlight of the album with a standout chorus and simple guitar chords which allow the layered vocals to steal focus. Lyrically, the song is about messing up a relationship before it's even begun because you're too invested (or a dickhead - this is not made explicit).

'Love rats' is another introspective one about - the clue's in the title - people cheating in a relationship. McPherson's voice takes the lead here with his vocals soaring over stripped back ballad-style guitar. This is followed by our next season - 'Autumn: A ghostly reprise', which has hints of InMe favourite 'All Terrain Vehicle' and one of the sweetest melodies on the album.
'Last Year' sounds almost like a country song, but with a layered sound that gives it a complexity that fits well with Dave's pretty vocals whilst Winter: Hibernation, a snuggly kind of song about finding love when you least expect it and being pretty darned happy about it, is signature McPherson, pulling together his trademark snappy rhythms held together by soaring vocal interludes and catchy choruses.

The Hardship Diaries may follow a string of acoustic EPs along the same vein but in this Dave McPherson has finally discovered his strength in writing truly powerful love songs, catchy enough not to drag, but mellow enough to create a soundtrack-to-life that should follow you around for a long time to come. Check out the song "Summer: She puts me in a good mood" below.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

EP REVIEW: Fei Comodo - The Life They Lead

Essex isn't exactly notorious for producing fantastic alternative music, instead being famous for something 'the kids' are referring to as TOWIE (and that's all I ever want to know about it), and for being the origin of the names Sharon and Tracy.

Fei Comodo are trying to put this to rights with second EP The Life They Lead, released on the 2nd May as a follow up to 2010's They All Have Two Faces, and comprising a screamy hardcore sound with melodic vocals to create something genuinely fresh and exciting.

The overall EP is a slickly recorded mix of chugging, hardcore riffs, pretty layered vocals and mind-bogglingly complex drums, with an emphasis on the progressive despite a relatively mainstream sound. The songs, despite never falling into the verse/chorus/verse standard that sadly sets truly original music apart from the stuff you're at all likely to hear on MTV, have an accessibility to them that should appeal widely to different audiences whilst still being heavy enough not to alienate "METAL" types.

First track No Way Out actually sounds like a single, with plenty of anthemic bits and almost Bullet For My Valentine guitar riffs, all complimented by frontman Marc Halls' pretty, clear (if VERY Essex) vocals.

Rival Tides, although not a stand out track, has a layered feel to it that means it grows on you with every listen, whilst A Man Left Behind is Fei Comodo at their best, conforming most closely to the sound debuted with They All Have Two Faces - complex yet singalong, with a good dose of straight up, balls-out metal lest you forget what we're all here for.

Bare Feet and Broken Glass is almost a new direction for Fei Comodo, as they go all moody and atmospheric on us. Pacey enough that it doesn't sound like a Marilyn Manson demo, and with enough screaming and intense riffery to it that it continues to surprise long after we've reached the halfway mark, Bare Feet... hints at a subtle turn for the band, from a raw "oh, this sounds like..." sound to a real signature sound to work with.

The Life They Lead is energetic, exciting and original, and we love it as though it were one of our own. Buy it now from, or itunes, priced £3.16 (randomly).

EP REVIEW: Sky Harbour - togetheralone

Brighton alternative rock band Sky Harbour recently impressed the crowd at Wildfire's first Exposure night, where we picked up their EP togetheralone to see if their brand of energetic rock would translate into recording.

The short answer is yes. But that wouldn't make this a particularly in depth review so let's elaborate. Fun and punky with big choruses and bigger energy, Sky Harbour sound a bit like Taking Back Sunday, a bit like Fightstar, and a lot like summertime in a skate park (which would be a great name for a band but actually just describes the mood).

Vocalist Josh has a strong, clear voice which compliments the adept and powerful musicianship of his band. Hooky as hell, togetheralone is singalong and, most importantly, fun. Bouncy guitars layered over crashing drums create a hugely enjoyable ambience to the entire EP, but most clearly in Neck Deep, which is reminiscent of The Used in the old days before they got all serious and angsty.

Transparent has a more downbeat feel to it, which gives the band a chance to demonstrate their anthemic appeal, whilst Days of Disenchantment gives the band a chance to get all Rise Against political - without the screaming. If there was to be a single on the EP, it's Make Like Ghosts which, although not exactly reinventing the wheel, is ridiculously catchy and clever, with a picked out guitar melody under a thrashy straight-up rock song, and a chorus of massive proportions.

togetheralone is a bright and intimidatingly polished release from a band who may be young but clearly know exactly what they're doing.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

News: Ludwig Amadeus To Release New Single "Ive Been Up (feat. Ikes)" On May 30th

German born Electro/Pop/Funk artist Ludwig Amadeus is set to release his new single "Ive Been Up (feat Ikes)" on Size 9 Records on the 30th May. There is also an accompanying video featuring uber-vixen Cervena Fox. Which we are sure will get this song a number of "listens" :) Aside from the sexy videoa. it's really a very good track: catchy, summery and bouncy. Check the video out here:

Visit Ludwig a

NEWS: Karn8 To Release New Single And Video

Grunge/Blues rockers Karn8 are preparing to release their new single "Sick" along with an accompanying video. Having toured heavily the last few years, Karn8 have built up a strong following and a unique and powerful sound. Described as "The kind of garage blues your mother warned you about" these are definitely a band you should catch.

We will have a full review of the single and video as soon as it gets to us, but for now head over to to check out their current tracks. We also suggest you have a watch of the video for "Old No 7" below. Because it is fantastic :)

Karn8 play:

May 11th - Sedition, Reading
May 14th - The Star, Guildford
June 3rd - Scream Lounge, Croydon (Wildfire Music Sponsored Show)
July 2nd - The Twig, Bracknell
July 23rd - Fiddlers Elbow, London

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

NEWS: TINIE’S TINIEST GIG UK’s biggest artist plays smallest ever show after O2 ‘flash exit’

Tinie Tempah teamed up with O2 to give one lucky ‘superfan’ the experience of her lifetime by performing his smallest show ever in a special one-on-one gig.

Katie Hobbs, 21 from Southampton, received the surprise of her life when the O2 Islington Academy was rapidly transformed by O2 from a packed concert venue to gig for one in the first ever ‘flash exit’.

Katie was picked as the star of the show from 2000 hopefuls who applied on Facebook to participate in what was billed as ‘a live video performance.’ What began as an intimate gig for 400 fans was transformed in a matter of seconds into the most exclusive concert the UK Artist has ever played.

As Tinie delivered a number of his hits to the packed venue, 399 fans – directed by renowned documentary maker Phil Griffin – left the dancefloor, leaving Katie to enjoy a completely dedicated, one-on-one performance of Wonderman, Tinie’s latest single.

This is the first known example of a ‘flash exit’ – the reverse of a flash mob – designed to spontaneously empty busy public spaces in seconds. The flash exit was created by O2 to show the lengths it goes to when thinking about its customers.

Katie Hobbs said: “This has been the most amazing day of my life. Getting an exclusive gig from Tinie was simply incredible. I had absolutely no idea what was happening and before I knew it I was getting a solo performance from my favourite act. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

Commenting on his most unusual gig to date, Brit award winner Tinie Tempah said: “I owe my success to my fans, and being able to interact with them when I play live is the greatest feeling. I’ve played all sorts of gigs in all sorts of venues but never one like this before. It’s definitely my tiniest gig ever, but it’s also one of my best.”

Footage shot during the event is being screened in a special 60 second ad spot running during Britain’s Got Talent, on Saturday 23rd April at 19.58pm. To see Tinie’s performance and Katie’s reaction, visit

The Tinie tie-up was created as part of O2’s Thinking of You campaign, aimed at showing how O2 values its customers. The campaign also follows a long history of O2’s support for live music in the UK with its high profile sponsorship of The O2 and O2 Academy venues.

NEWS: Rufus Wainwright - ‘House of Rufus’ The sumptuous 19 disc box set, out July 18th

Exciting news this as Rufus Wainwright is simply fantastic.

The most complete collection of Rufus Wainwright recordings to date, ‘House Of Rufus’ is housed in a gorgeous, red velvet encased, 90-page hardback book containing rare and unseen photos as well as Rufus' early hand-drawn tour posters, handwritten lyrics, four art prints and other memorabilia.

‘House of Rufus’ will be released on the same day that Rufus starts his eagerly awaited five night residency of the same name at the Royal Opera House (July 18th-23rd). This will be the first event of its kind that the prestigious venue has ever hosted.

The set’s extensive and revealing sleeve notes feature interviews with Neil Tennant, Martha Wainwright, Linda Thompson and Lenny Waronker as well as an introduction by Rufus himself.

‘House Of Rufus’ contains:

Six studio albums: ‘Rufus Wainwright’, ‘Poses’, ‘Want One’, ‘Want Two’, ‘Release The Stars’ and ‘All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu’, all now with additional previously unreleased bonus material.

Two concerts on CD: ‘Milwaukee at Last!!!’ and the legendary ‘Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall’ (two CDs), now with previously unreleased songs from the show.

Four additional CDs

Rufus Rarities:
Featuring previously unreleased songs and rarities.

Rufus at the Movies:
This contains many of the songs Rufus has recorded for soundtracks including ‘Hallelujah’ from the film Shrek.

Friends & Family:
The third disc is drawn from Rufus' collaborations with friends and family members such as Leonard Cohen, Teddy Thompson, Loudon Wainwright III, Martha Wainwright, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, The Pet Shop Boys, and Burt Bacharach.

Original Demos:
The final disc is made up of the demos from the tape which secured Rufus his first record deal.

Six DVDs: ‘Live at Fillmore’, ‘Rufus Does Judy at the London Palladium’,
‘Milwaukee at Last!!!’, ‘Release The Stars’ album commentary and live
performance and two feature-length documentaries, ‘All I Want’ and ‘Prima Donna: The Making of An Opera’.

‘House Of Rufus’ is available for pre-order now HERE

The dates for his 5 day residency at The Royal Opera house are:

Mon 18th    Rufus Does Judy! orchestra conducted by Stephen Oremus
Tue 19th     An Evening with Rufus and Martha Wainwright + band
Thu 21st     An Evening with Rufus and Loudon Wainwright + band
Fri 22nd      Rufus Does Judy!
Sat 23rd      Concert Version of Prima Donna with Janis Kelly, plus Rufus Does Rufus with orchestra

There is also an exclusive competiton for fans to have one their own photos and artwork included in the final boxset. To enter, and for further details, fans can visit the following link:

NEWS: Shibuya Crossings to release new album ‘DOYA’ on June 13th

Released June 13th, DOYA (Depend On You Alter-Ego) is London-based Shibuya Crossings’ sophomore album, to be released through Typically Magic Records. As much pieced together in anger and protest as it is influenced by all things heartfelt, this alt rock animal is full of nods to the likes of Sparklehorse, Hefner, Teenage Fanclub, and even the art-school fringe-swinging of Blur.

Talking of the release, vocalist and guitarist Declan Harrington said:

'We're both relieved and really excited to be releasing this album. It’s been a labor of love as we did most of the recording and mixing ourselves. There were times when I thought it just wasn't going to happen, so to have it turn out so well is really satisfying. I think we've definitely made a big step forward in terms of the writing and our general production and sound, so we can’t wait for people to hear what we’ve been working on.’

A literal translation of “Shibuya” is “Bitter Valley” and the poeticism of crossing a bitter valley captures the ideas in DOYA perfectly. If the grass is always greener wherever we’re not, let’s at least enjoy the crossing.

Head over to their social networks to hear single "Take It Out On Me"

NEWS: The Savage Nomads “The Magic Eye” Out May 16th on Alaska Sounds

4 piece indie rockers The Savage Nomads are set to release their debut single "The Magic Eye" on May 16th. We're really digging this track over at Wildfire HQ and a full review of it will be winging its way onto these pages soon. This will also be followed by their debut album "Coloured Clutter".

With fans including Mick Jones of The Clash, these guys have some great support and will be moving up to playing some bigger stages in the near future, no doubt.

You can catch these guys play the Relentless Garage on the 19th May and if the indie/punk scene floats your boat, we suggest you do.

NEWS: RENDEZVOUS Debut Single “C Sharp” (feat. Carl Cox remixes) is out June 27thvia Moot Records

Electro duo "Rendezvous" will be releasing their single "C Sharp" on the 27th June. Described as "a masterclass in savvy electro with its roots in all kinds of unexpected place" this group certainly have their own flavour going on.

Carl Cox likes them so much he contributed 2 remixes for the single saying, "it was a pleasure to work on this remix, it was a beautiful piece of music and i have to put my Coxy stamp on it!"

Check out the groups Youtube channel to see the boys at work in the studio:

Monday, 2 May 2011

LIVE REVIEWS: ScreamFest Highlights

Who WASN'T at Screamfest? Wildfire were, for every music-laden moment of it (well... most), and here, for those of you that missed anything (or just want to relive it) are our highlights.


In the true tradition of Thursday nights in Croydon, the first night of Screamfest was dedicated to the best hard rock and metal bands our 'beloved' town has to offer.

An early set from Bloodloss was probably the best idea of the entire festival as they blew their small audience away from the outset, playing a heavy-yet-melodic set drawing from the likes of Machine Head and Lamb of God and delivering the kind of performance rarely seen away from arenas or festival main stages. 

Surviving Silence, on the main stage, had a lot to live up to, frontman James being a veteran of the Croydon metal scene, with past projects including Chapter and Ninepages. They played a pared-down but involving set that saw the crowd's energy rise with that of the band members and stay at a high, excited level throughout their set.

Deprevate played the main stage next, taking obvious inspiration from Bullet For My Valentine, mixing it up, and coming out with something more charismatic and exciting than BFMV could even imagine. A couple of new tracks saw the crowd displaying almost embarrassing levels of appreciation and single 'Our War' ushered in the first fist punches and singing-along of the evening.

It is a shame the sound for headliners esOterica was so bad as they are a true example of a Croydon band that has done phenomenally well for themselves. By this point in the evening tiredness was beginning to set in (on the first day - shame on you Croydon) and with the crowd generally unable to hear the vocals the room slowly emptied throughout the set. Single 'Silence' was well-received, as was early track 'Exposed', and the band looked like they were putting in a fantastic performance. If only we'd been able to hear it I could confirm or deny this conclusively.


Friday was the night Screamfest got funky with folk and  alternative bands stepping up to show that Croydon can do more than metal to blow our hangovers away.

Soapy Jefferson have one of the best band names, possibly ever, and played a bluesy, folk inspired set that was kind on our slightly delicate ears and energetic enough to warm the audience up for the rest of the night. Technically flawless, their set was still raw and spontaneous enough to feel as though you'd stumbled upon a raucous rehearsal and decided to stay because it was just really bloody good.

That Mouth (formerly Los) were the exact opposite of Soapy Jefferson in the most fantastic way. Playing carefully and professionally, their layered and intricate sound had a hard rock edge which shifted the mood in the upstairs room to a level of passionate enthusiasm which just rose as the set went on. The strong female vocals took the forefront, with soaring melodies over a darkly hypnotic foundation. The audience seemed to be as thrilled as Wildfire with some of the most intense applause of the entire weekend following their set.

Size Nine headlined Friday night and did so with incredible assurance, taking over the entire stage and getting the audience involved in their funky soulful sound. Making music designed for dancing, both band and audience were moving by the end of their set, which combined a strong rhythmic base with soulful melodies and a LOT of clappy bits. We were impressed. You would have been too.


By Saturday night Screamfest was well underway and people were beginning to flag, hitting their third big night out in a row. Thankfully, the upbeat indie and rock acts on the bill promised to keep us all going for at least one more night.

Openers Polaris Condition played to a pathetically small amount of people, thanks in part to people overdoing it the night before, but mostly because of the freak rainstorm that decided to kick in about an hour before doors opened, and continued through the evening. Nonetheless the band put on a performance worthy of a much bigger audience, playing a good mix of old and new songs, and unveiling the incredibly dark 'Lady Oracle' to which I will give most credit for the amazing performance to the band, but a bit to the lighting which managed to make the whole song feel like an enjoyable journey to hell (it COULD happen...)

The Lost Audio are Wildfire favourites, having played two of our shows before to fantastic receptions. Tonight they didn't let themselves down one bit and put on a show that finally put a smile on our hungover, slightly bedraggled faces as their funky pop-meets-rock sound and flawless delivery were coupled with the kind of true passion often seen in bands on the rise, but rarely so accomplished. 

Tilt At Windmills are a mainstay of the Croydon rock scene - with good reason - combining a hard rock sound with soulful female vocals. They have a great chemistry onstage, keeping their set light and having a fun dynamic with their audience which stops their set drifting into sombre territory. They got a good reaction from the audience, who by this time were appropriately warmed up and clearly ready to party with the band.

Headlining tonight were Bad Sign, Croydon-famous in the credible way that good musicians are, rather than attractive bar staff or particularly brutal bouncers. Attracting one of the biggest audiences of the weekend, Bad Sign were incredibly enthusiastic onstage and very interactive with their hyped-up audience. Playing grungey rock with a boisterous edge they kept the mood high until the end and proved their recent 'Exit' EP to be massively popular as the crowd reactions were fantastic throughout.


Sunday's Screamfest was the most brutal of the five as Frantic Promotions took over the night, putting on some of the heaviest local hardcore bands, just at a time when we were all feeling the most tender. 

What better way to shake off an evil hangover though, we thought, and managed to rock up early enough to catch local boys Foundations tearing up the upstairs stage to an amazing reception from a surprisingly large audience. Foundations struggled with a dodgy microphone and towards the end of their set lost vocals altogether. Despite this their set was fantastic with a strong rhythmic sound strengthened by savage but impeccable guitar riffs and an energy that shouldn't be legal at 5.30 in the afternoon.

Press To Meco were a different animal altogether with clear emo (in a good way) vocals and a progressive sound that somehow managed to be aggressive and accessible all at once. Starting out tentatively, the band's confidence grew quickly and steadily, so that by the end they had the crowd hooked and excited, and sad to see them go. A very entertaining set which deserved a bigger audience than it had.

Tidor are a three piece that feel like a five piece, taking over the entire main stage with their presence and pulling in a crowd as their set wore on. Classic-sounding without being dated, Tidor take all the best elements of grunge and mix it with a modern rock sound, then blow everyone away by being improbably amazing on stage, proving likable and worthy of adoration at the same time. 

Upstairs, the insanity begun by Foundations hadn't eased up even a little bit and had apparently grown during my absence, as Against the Flood took to the stage with their own brand of energetic metalcore. One of the most important things to note about metalcore is that it doesn't work if you do it half-arsed. This is music that needs passion, and both Against The Flood and the enormous amount of people at the second stage had this in abundance. The room appeared to be nothing more than a mass of moving bodies, including the band who didn't seem to stop to take breath, and had a natural chemistry which kept the whole show tight and exciting for their sweating audience.

Screamfest is a great opportunity for local bands to play a busy night to a receptive audience, meet other local bands in their genre and have a fantastic time, but it is also great fun for anyone with an interest in their local music scene. Or, indeed, alcohol in all it's forms accompanied by live music. 

The more astute of you will note that we have not mentioned the fifth day of Screamfest's five day spectacular. This is because, sadly, we became a bit pathetic by the end of the weekend and could not convince our exhausted selves to leave our respective houses for Monday's acoustic day. We did, of course, have people there though, and are assured it was as fantastic as the previous nights... if a little quieter.

For links to all of the bands mentioned here please check out that day's respective preview entry below, and enjoy!

SINGLE REVIEW: By Definition - "Red Lines"

By Definition are a 5 piece stoner/dirty southern rock/metal band hailing from the dirty south of... Brighton. Their release "Red Lines" shows a plethora of influences and an abundance of good sounds. We explain why...

First, lets get the influences and "sounds like" out the way. In here you can hear BLS, you can hear Monster Magnet and you can hear Kyuss/Fu Manchu. Some Orange Goblin too? Oh go on then... But this doesn't mean By Definition are a pale comparison to any of these acts. They stand strong in their own right.

"Red Lines" pounds along at a good tempo, keeping the head nodding throughout. A very short song at only 2:18 it does however manages to sound just the right length. This is not to say that the fact its shorter is a good thing, we are saying it simply doesn't need to be any longer. What other songs fail to do in 4/5 minutes this does in this short space of time, giving us a range of verses, bridges and choruses, all delivered well.

The musicianship here is tight, it's punchy and it's well showcased. Great stoner riffs mix with dirty drumming, a pounding bass and very clear and good sounding vocals with just the right amount of grit in them. Backing vocals are also delivered well throughout, from the odd growl to a very unholy sounding distant scream in the pre-chorus. In places, this is a very atmospheric track.

And the best part of it all? By Definition are offering this as a free download to all! So if you are a fan of good, tight and dirty rock then we suggest strongly that you visit the link below to download the track. And while you're at it, let us know what you think of it in the comments section below!

By Definition - "Red Lines" FREE DOWNLOAD:

By Definition on Facebook:

Friday, 22 April 2011

Looking Forward To Easter Screamfest @ Scream Lounge Croydon... Frantic Sunday!

On Sunday, Frantic Promotions take over Scream Lounge to host the best in Rock and Metal over both stages. Sundays line up is:

Annotations Of An Autopsy

Heart Of A Coward

Against The Flood


Actions To Onslaught

Silhouette Of A Ghost


In Ruins

Press To Meco


Profane And The Sacred

Olivia Sebastianelli (Full Band)

Things kick off from 4pm and tickets are £5 on the door or can be bought from Ticketweb here:

Wildfires Pick(s) Of The Day

Our first pick of the day is Tidor. These guys live show exudes power, with all members playing to their fullest. It really will be one of the highlights of Screamfest this year we're sure. Check out them doing an acoustic version of their song "16 Steps" below. And if they are this good acoustic, imagine it with the full electric line up...

Second pick of the day goes to Tenyson. Rock/Grunge/Metal greatness from these guys, killer riffs, great 90's era grunge vocals and a pounding rythm section = good tunes! Check them out live below:

Scream Lounge can be found at 20 South End, Croydon, CR0 1DN. Entry is for over 18's only, ID will be required. Tickets for Screamfest are selling out fast so be sure to get them early from the bar or Ticketweb: