Sunday, 15 May 2011

EP REVIEW: Fei Comodo - The Life They Lead

Essex isn't exactly notorious for producing fantastic alternative music, instead being famous for something 'the kids' are referring to as TOWIE (and that's all I ever want to know about it), and for being the origin of the names Sharon and Tracy.

Fei Comodo are trying to put this to rights with second EP The Life They Lead, released on the 2nd May as a follow up to 2010's They All Have Two Faces, and comprising a screamy hardcore sound with melodic vocals to create something genuinely fresh and exciting.

The overall EP is a slickly recorded mix of chugging, hardcore riffs, pretty layered vocals and mind-bogglingly complex drums, with an emphasis on the progressive despite a relatively mainstream sound. The songs, despite never falling into the verse/chorus/verse standard that sadly sets truly original music apart from the stuff you're at all likely to hear on MTV, have an accessibility to them that should appeal widely to different audiences whilst still being heavy enough not to alienate "METAL" types.

First track No Way Out actually sounds like a single, with plenty of anthemic bits and almost Bullet For My Valentine guitar riffs, all complimented by frontman Marc Halls' pretty, clear (if VERY Essex) vocals.

Rival Tides, although not a stand out track, has a layered feel to it that means it grows on you with every listen, whilst A Man Left Behind is Fei Comodo at their best, conforming most closely to the sound debuted with They All Have Two Faces - complex yet singalong, with a good dose of straight up, balls-out metal lest you forget what we're all here for.

Bare Feet and Broken Glass is almost a new direction for Fei Comodo, as they go all moody and atmospheric on us. Pacey enough that it doesn't sound like a Marilyn Manson demo, and with enough screaming and intense riffery to it that it continues to surprise long after we've reached the halfway mark, Bare Feet... hints at a subtle turn for the band, from a raw "oh, this sounds like..." sound to a real signature sound to work with.

The Life They Lead is energetic, exciting and original, and we love it as though it were one of our own. Buy it now from, or itunes, priced £3.16 (randomly).

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