Friday, 10 June 2011


South London’s Tidor are winning over fans left right and centre with their powerful and atmospheric live shows. It has made them a Wildfire favourite in a short time, and the buzz that is beginning to make Tidor a name in their hometown will doubtless continue to spread the more they play.

But this is no good if a band can’t deliver when it comes to recording. Wildfire picked up a copy of new EP ‘Tidor’ (I kind of love that their EP, album and frontman are all called Tidor, it’s like Being John Malkovich but… not), to see if the band are as good on your mp3 player as they are on stage.

First track ‘Mind’ is a dirty rock track, all grinding guitars and raw, open vocals. It’s kind of 90’s grunge meets the harder side of rock with enough rhythm to keep it fresh and exciting. Once the chorus breaks, ‘Mind’ is a non stop rush that builds and builds, lets up for a moment then smashes into the final riffs with no care for the personal safety of the listener.

‘No Way Out’, next up, is a moody slice of old-school rock, slightly reminiscent of every post-grunge band the early 2000’s had to offer with that distinctive Tidor sound to it that makes it original. From the start a drawling gothic build up turns into a pretty picked out melody, which then breaks into full on rocking out for the final moments.

When Tidor rock, they ROCK, leaving you unsure when the quiet, almost poppy intro to ‘Lite Boks’ rolls around. Thankfully, when Tidor do introspective they do it better. The vocals here really take a lead as vocalist Tidor’s unusual voice has a haunting quality that does atmospheric better than anything else. ‘Lite Boks’ is stripped back and melodic (and stupidly pretty) but the band can’t resist reminding the listener that they’re still hardcore with a quiet-into-heavy bit at the end that is so unexpected and intense that it makes the song by far the most memorable of the EP.

Tidor are a band that demands attention, both musically recorded and physically in their stage shows. We suggest you make them one of your favourites before everyone else does, you crowd-follower you.

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