Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wildfire Music Reviews - What We Do


Wildfire Music Reviews is the brainchild of Kieron and Chrissy who run the south london promotion company "Wildfire Music".

We realise how difficult it is for artists to build up a name nowadays, especially with the needed press reviews, touring and fan draw needed. This is why we decided to help on as many angles as possible.

With Wildfire Music Reviews, we will review any EP/Track sent to us and post it on our blog. We will also be reviewing live gigs we make it to and offering positions for guest reviewers to submit reviews of live gigs they have been to.

All in all we hope to create a community of regular submitters along with an extensive review database for up and coming and unsigned artists to actually get their work reviewed online.

So, let the good times roll and lets begin!


Kieron and Chrissy
Wildfire Music Reviews