Sunday, 15 May 2011

EP REVIEW: Sky Harbour - togetheralone

Brighton alternative rock band Sky Harbour recently impressed the crowd at Wildfire's first Exposure night, where we picked up their EP togetheralone to see if their brand of energetic rock would translate into recording.

The short answer is yes. But that wouldn't make this a particularly in depth review so let's elaborate. Fun and punky with big choruses and bigger energy, Sky Harbour sound a bit like Taking Back Sunday, a bit like Fightstar, and a lot like summertime in a skate park (which would be a great name for a band but actually just describes the mood).

Vocalist Josh has a strong, clear voice which compliments the adept and powerful musicianship of his band. Hooky as hell, togetheralone is singalong and, most importantly, fun. Bouncy guitars layered over crashing drums create a hugely enjoyable ambience to the entire EP, but most clearly in Neck Deep, which is reminiscent of The Used in the old days before they got all serious and angsty.

Transparent has a more downbeat feel to it, which gives the band a chance to demonstrate their anthemic appeal, whilst Days of Disenchantment gives the band a chance to get all Rise Against political - without the screaming. If there was to be a single on the EP, it's Make Like Ghosts which, although not exactly reinventing the wheel, is ridiculously catchy and clever, with a picked out guitar melody under a thrashy straight-up rock song, and a chorus of massive proportions.

togetheralone is a bright and intimidatingly polished release from a band who may be young but clearly know exactly what they're doing.

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